Mat le Star & Chris Peinado ‘Murky Waters’

Mat le Star & Chris Peinado / ‘Murky Waters’

Vinyl / MP3

Superbeat / Released December 6th 2010

The label’s barely a year old, but if it continues with this kind of maturity it’s going to grow up pretty fast. Fine by us, as the words progressive, current and interesting don’t often go together these days.

There’s little doubt Diggers et al will already be on this one, and if they’re not then it’s a trick missed. While Murky Waters seems to step straight out of Modeselektor’s basement, it’s not long before a flat 4/4 kicks in- almost out of time- and things take a Death Is Nothing To Fear compilation form. Throw in a soaring hoover, radar bleeps and some atmospheric background sonics then it’s really only going to lead to one thing. Epic in nature, and in length- at just under nine minutes this is no light bite.

In contrast Eleventh Insight invites the players out. Nods toward Ian Pooley all present and correct, the acidic aspects of the title track are accentuated, with added emphasis placed on a bassline bearing Dyson-like properties similar to its predecessor. This time things maintain more of a house party tip, forsaking the former’s proggy underbelly for 808 electro accents, almost more welcome today than they were upon inception. Quality, anologue sounding stuff.

One you’re done with those flip it to reveal labelmate Colin John’s interpretations of the two tracks. The first comes in with more melody and depth, with whispered hi-hats adding slightly more sinister tones to the package. Same sort of applies to the second offering, which sees Eleventh Insight turned into a growing, grooving but near beatless electro builder. A cacophony of noise the likes of which Booka Shade would have been proud of in earlier years, it wraps up what’s an all round respectable release.