Saytek Live gets mixed up on Cubism Records

Saytek is well known for his live shows, which has seen him perform headline shows to some of Europe’s most discerning dance floors. He’s famed for using vast amounts of hardware, including classic Roland hardware, synths, samplers and FX alongside Ableton, to create his own brand of fully improvised- Detroit inspired- deep house and techno, and he has established himself as one of the most sought after live acts to arise from the UK in recent times.

His latest Saytek Live & Remixed series of E.Ps on leading UK underground tech house label Cubism Records is a bit different. It actually takes recordings of Saytek’s live shows and re-edits them into DJ friendly tracks. Cubism then sources remixers from the crème of the underground to re-interpret Saytek’s work. The series is seriously turning heads with support from Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, 2000 and One, Steve Lawler, Dubfire, Anthony Collins, Solomun and Nic Fanciulli among many other leading tastemakers.

Plain and Simple find out more:

How has your year been? What have you achieved and what has taken up most of your time?

Wow this has been an amazing year, my second album came out to rave reviews, and I have been very busy touring Europe where I have been fortunate enough to headline some of the best clubs including Fabric in London and Sankeys in Manchester as well as amazing gigs all over Europe. I have been working really hard on new live music as well as remixing and collaborating.

The Saytek live remixed series of E.P’s is a bit different can you tell us a bit about it?

Yeah these really need some explaining ‘cos it’s kind off working backwards to the way most people work! Rather than making finished tracks I make loops, patterns and samples for my live show then make the tracks live from these elements. So I end up with loads of 1 hour mixes but no individual tracks. Cubism take these sets, take out the equivalent of a track and then re-edit it so it’s DJ Friendly.

How did you hook up with Cubism Recs?

Me and label head honcho Mark Gwinnett (Lunacy Sound Division) met when I was playing at an amazing party called Rave in the Caves in Kent, which was held in a 16th century fort. Mark had already played the venue and we got chatting and soon after Mark warmed up for me in London and I liked what he was doing as a DJ and label boss. This was a couple of years ago and we have remained friends ever since, sharing a musical vision of quality underground house and techno without any pretenses. We came up with the Idea of Saytek Live & Remixed together and have since built an amazing rapport with the series’ first few releases causing a massive stir.

How prepared are each of your sets or are they all done on the fly?

Everything is performed live, however I always have a rough structure planned out which I normally stick too until I get into the flow and really start improvising … I take about 5 hours of live music to a one hour show so can take it in lots of directions.

What’s your writing process in the studio – do you have rules? 

It is an intuitive thing, no real rules. My writing process is based on feeling, if it gives me that feeling only music can when I write it, then I use it, simple.

And which bits of your job are your favorites? 

I love my job, the performing, the studio, the traveling, the people, the venues, the artwork and design on the underground scene and the not having to set my alarm in the morning !

What have you learnt this year? Are you in any way a different live act / producer to when you recorded your last album?

I like to think I am always learning through doing I have always had a healthy (?) level of self-criticism so I hope this helps me to improve all the time. 

What else have you got coming up?

Well there is of course the 3rd live album, The Saytek live & Remixed series is only just getting started so expect a release roughly every month indefinitely. Loads of tour dates in the UK and Europe and loads of remixes too … so happy days looks like I am going to be busy for some time to come!

Saytek Live & Remixed vol 3 is out now on Cubism records

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