Free Download of A Skillz Beatles Remix.

a skills free download

Yes we know, the Beatles are now on itunes. The news seems to be featured everywhere. Now we understand that the Beatles are important in the great big music picture, but really, are we actually that bothered that we can now download their music for 79p?

Now there’s no denying that 79p is a bargain for such fine musical craftmanship, but we do like to go one better here at Plain and Simple, so we thought we’d let you know that you can get your mitts on funkmeister A Skillz’ very fine remix of ‘Come Together’ completely free!

As heard on many of his mixes, the master bootlegger gives a great rework of the Beatles classic, without spoiling it, which would be so easy to do.

Not only that but you can also grab a copy of his Beatles Mini mix as heard on1extra…

Head over to his Soundcloud page to bag yourself a freebie.