Smirnoff nightlife exchange- London meets Miami.

You’ve most likely seen the adverts, with Radio 1’s Zane Lowe fronting the campaign. Smirnoff have been on a global hunt to find all that’s great about the nightlife scene across a range of countries including the UK, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Lebanon, Canada, Poland, Thailand, Venezuela, United States, Argentina, Germany, India and Ireland.

Smirnoff have been asking party goers from across the country to share what they think is so quintessentially British about the UK scene, be it the music, culture, fashion, or those odd little things that make a great night out in ‘blity.

On the 27th November the global exchange takes place, with countries swapping nightlife cultures for one special evening, and the UK has been chosen to swap with Miami.  It can now be revealed that London can look forward to experiencing a full-on Miami experience, including a headline performance by Pharrell. The event will bring to life a Miami super club where attendees will have the chance to sip cocktails in a luxury bed bar, dance on the beach and experience laser shows, carnival entertainment and Havana bars that “will take their breath away.”

And of course in return Miami gets a taste of London, where they’ll be treated to an urban festival with DJ’S inside and a cool Britannia feel outside, (all be it their weather will be better!)

To further involve the global community SMIRNOFF has created a new collaborative music platform Beat of the World, launching soon via youtube – to allow people from the 14 participating countries to get involved and help create an exclusive track that will be played at the finale events on November 27th 2010.

The London event takes place at Troxy on November 27 from 9pm.

Tickets can be won at on