PVT release ‘Light My Fires’ EP

Pivot’s first international album, O Soundtrack To My Heart, was great. But it wasn’t easy to tell where things would end up as the Australian outfit developed. The one thing few expected, though, was the name change- brought about thanks to an American band who were first to what the dictionary calls “the central point, pin or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates”.

Now rebranded as PVT, it looks like they may be coming into their own. Though we thought the first long-player was a wonderfully mind-melting brew of opiate depth and odd electronic goodness, it wasn’t something many people would rush out and buy. In contrast the second, Church With No Magic, released on Warp earlier this year, was. Better yet, it’s no less innovative, or, in parts, experimental.

The new EP contains its title track and Windows, both taken from the latest album, and comes with tasty reworkings by Border Community fave Nathan Fake, Seekae and Danimals included in the box. But as these excellent videos show, it’s not really about remixes. There’s a drop of Joy Division on e, and LCD on LSD about the impressively commanding sound that has emerged in PVT’s post-full-word era. So enjoy, remember, and then perhaps purchase.