RedBull Thre3Style DJ comp hits the UK


This October and November, Kissy Sell Out and A-Trak will be bringing the largest DJ competition in the world to the UK with Red Bull Thre3style – the DJ battle that takes the art of spinning to a new level.

Starting on October 10 in Glasgow, the Red Bull Thre3style tour will also hit London (Oct 19) and Cardiff (Oct 20), with the final hosted again in London on November 17. The winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Paris for the grand final, time in Red Bull Studio London and a cheque for £1,000.

Red Bull Thre3style began in Canada three years ago and is now one of the biggest international DJ competitions in the world, taking place in 10 countries with the final going down at the end of the year in Paris.

In the UK, Kissy Sell Out will head the search for the next party DJ, performing as well as judging at each event: “I’m really looking forward to Red Bull Thre3style and putting some of these talented DJs through their paces. It’s going to be a great competition and I can’t wait to get on the road. For me, the main thing about being a truly great party DJ is not just the technical skill, but the ability to wow a crowd and keep them going all night. That’s what we’ll be looking for over the next few weeks.”

To enter, DJs can send a link to an mp3 mix to and all DJs will have to play off the same set up – 2 x decks and mixer – no mixing programmes are allowed and DJs are judged on track selection, creativity, mixing skills, stage presence and crowd reaction.

The rules of Red Bull Thre3Style ensure that the competition is a perfect marriage of technical DJing and party rocking prowess. Participants have to play a selection of at least three genres or styles of music in 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter what genres of music are chosen as long as the DJ can make them work together. All participants are judged by a panel of professional party starting DJs with much experience in the industry.

Internationally, the competition will be held in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the USA, making the event the most global DJ competition ever seen before. Each country will select eight top DJs to participate per qualifier and the winners of those battles will compete in a national final to determine who is the Red Bull Thre3Style champion for that country. The top national DJ will compete at the final in Paris in December 2010.

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