James Blake reveals new video

They say some of the more impressionable bloggers in the world have been reduced to tears by his lo-fi production ethic. Watery eyes to one side, there’s no denying the praise lauded on this homegrown wunderkind is, for the most part, well placed.

A Limit To Your Love is the first track to wind its way off 21-year-old James Blake‘s forthcoming debut long-player, penciled in for release come 2011. A reworking of Feist and Chilly Gonzales’ song of the same name, it’s a piano-led blues number that’s a twisted cousin of soul and classic singer-songwriter fare. It’s also far removed from the UK Bass usually associated with a producer renowned for his work on Hemlock Recordings, and is the very reason he joins similar fresh-faced British names on a list of music makers to be taken very, very seriously indeed.

The video for the track, released November 8th on Atlas, is below. Directed by Dane Martin De Thurah, it’s a fittingly subtle and rather emotive short that accentuates the vocals without boring any eyes. And, if you’re intrigued to hear the original, we’ve embedded that too.