Riz MC releases new video, we post it here

Word on the street is this guy’s going to be pretty big. With an already-hyped debut album, MICroscope, out in January, and a forthcoming UK tour following on from acclaimed live dates this year at Fabric, Glastonbury and Latitude, these rumours may well be true.

Get On It is released on September 27th, on Conform/Ignore, and is a rather pleasing, albeit bizarre hybrid of dubstep, breakbeat and grime that should cause some chart impact and let the country know what Riz MC, a North Londoner and Oxford Graduate, is about. It’s produced by Lazersonic, and comes with remixes from 18-year-old wunderkind Numan, FACT Magazine favourites Movements, 1Xtra’s True Tiger, and Dawn Reid.

If that sounds at all tempting then you may want to whet your appetite with this cheeky little video…