Ali Love’s Tea Party

Fancy an intimate evening with a rising electro-pop star? Thought you might do.

Ali Love is a name you may know. An increasingly recognisable face on the scene, he’s the talent that gave a voice to The Chemical Brothers’ international smash Do It Again, while his Italo-disco homage Diminishing Returns was top of the Hype Machine chart despite being a limited release only, and wound up smeared across an advert for Channel 4’s ‘voice of a (bastard) generation’ show, Skins.

More recently you might have heard his single Smoke & Mirrors, which was released in all its Daft Punk inspired electronics and Prince-referencing vocal glory this July, followed by his well received, genre-straddling LP, Love Harder, last month. If any of that makes you want to don your fingerless gloves and get down to some punchy electro-pop then great. Mr Love will be headlining The Tea Building on Shoreditch High Street tomorrow. For those who have no idea what we’re talking about, no worries, check out the video below.