HiRO ‘Ruby Likes Dubstep Now’

‘Ruby Likes Dubstep Now’ / HiRO

MP3 single (Beatport Exclusive)

Released August 26th 2010

Proper house music! At least that’s what the Tronicsole crew make of the latest release from their resident HiRO, making the title both witty and a state of the nation comment.

And few people would disagree. Anyone who grabbed the RA podcast by Sub Club residents and Glaswegian house gurus Harri and Domenic will immediately recognise the track that stands as the turning point in their set- moving things from fat and punchy to rolling and groovy. Kicking of with a throbbing kick, pulsating bass and bleeping hook it’s pretty clear which way things are going from the first couple of bars, and it certainly isn’t stepping.

Energetic percussion and driving hi-hats take up the mantle next, propelling us into the sound of sweat and dark dancefloors while a “Hey Hey” vocal stab makes it clear that this is really a full on party track in disguise, with ascending keys interrupting the pace for a quick 16 before we’re thrown back into the driving rhythm. Finally, after the complete deconstruction into a double, brief but nonetheless blissful house organ breakdown, the infectious melody hits, mashing an addictive techno sentiment with more urban, analogue leaning production styles.

Also on the release is the shorter Ruby Likes Bells Too, which forsakes the breakdown of the original for a four-to-the-floor, relentlessly repetitive dancefloor assault with devastating results. Either way, this is a bomb, so grab it fast.

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