Lovebirds (freerange / buzzinfly)

Hello Basti how are you today?

– not bad except my old desk keeps turning on and off by itself.

How has your Summer been?

– july was nice and warm august sucked but good for working.

Looking forward to playing London again?

– always love coming to london – one of my favorite cities.

How are things shaping up with the album?

– working exclusively on this at the moment, hopefully done by the end of the year, out early next year.

Will there be plans for any remixes of the singles?

– chris todd (hot toddy) just remixed my upcoming single and yam who are on the list for the following.

lovebirds2009.jpgWhat is the one piece of kit that you cannot live without in the studio?

– i think that would be my rhodes suitcase mk2

Are you proud of the Knee Deep records that you produced?

– proud isn’t the right word.

How can you see your sound developing further in the future?

– less dance, more listening/album.

How methodical are you in the studio or do you just let it happen naturally?

– 100% not methodical at all.

What releases and remixes do you have forthcoming?

– new single feat set downs called “want you in my soul” on winding road, album track/single on ben westbeechs album and a new release on vincenzo´s and my label teardrop called “love & happiness / the rain” incl. a steve bug remix. ah, and a track together with vincenzo called “epic” on bedrock!


You can catch LOVEBIRDS at MUAK on Sept 11th @ EGG alongside Trus’ Me (Prime Numbers) and Lost My Dog’s Giom, Pete Da Feet and Rhythm Feet + Zaki & Manish

Listen to a wicked LOVEBIRDS Soundcloud mix here:

You can also catch Zaki & Manish this Fri 3rd Sept with WHO? WHO? over at CARGO! For more info on both nights click the flyers below and for a review of the last WHO? WHO? please click this link: