Dress Like a DJ with Dirty Smart

Dirty Smart’s aim is to provide the best quality clobber for the modern clubber and with a stunning range of brightly detailed, originally designed tee shirts, hoodies and accessories on sale they’re doing just that…

Endorsed by dozens of top world-class DJ’s, Dirty Smart is a clothing label that has catapulted to worldwide fame in its short two and half year history. Music fanatic and clubbing style enthusiast Oli Hopkinson started the label off in Manchester back in March 2008 and since it has gone from strength to strength. The label has even seen globally recognised DJ Judge Jules collaborate with the brand to produce a set of limited edition tees back in 2009.

Right to Left: Laid Back Luke, DeadMau5 and Chris Woods wearing Dirty Smart

With everyone from DeadMau5 and Michael Woods to Laidback Luke and Chris Lake sporting Dirty Smart’s smart-casual clubber attire it’s a style that comes with guaranteed head turning as standard. Dirty Smart sponsored nights have also popped up in Ibiza this year with Dirty Smart @ Play2 in San Antonio hosting DJ Joshua Roberts.

Plus, if you buy a Dirty Smart tee you’ll own a limited edition item of clothing as each design is only manufactured 2500 times. Targeting a global market through exclusively online sales Dirty Smart tees are sold around the world, so, apart from the DJ there’s little chance you’ll see someone wearing the same one as you.

The question you’re now asking is what do they look like and are they going to cost me my wage packet? At £20 or £25 with a limited number currently on sale for an incredibly low £12, Dirty Smart tees won’t break the bank.

A selection of Dirty Smart's £20 tees

So, head on over to www.dirtysmart.co.uk and check out the line of Dirty Smart tees on offer and keep an eye out for the Plain & Simple Dirty Smart Competition in the coming weeks where you could be in with a chance of winning one of Dirty Smart’s trademark tees!