The Orb, Pink Floyd and the sound of tomorrow?

Old school dance stalwarts The Orb have announced another collaboration with Pink Floyd’s legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist David Gilmour following their reworking of Graham Nash’s ‘Chicago’.

The release, titled ‘Metallic Spheres’, comprises of two 25 minute sections- one ‘Metallic’ and the other ‘Spheres’- which are in turn made up of five identifiable musical styles. No prizes for guessing electric and steel guitars will feature, though with Alex Paterson’s production influencing things the unexpected is what you should expect. Long term Orb associate Youth will also be on hand with beats and basslines.

In a suitably futurist style several formats will be available when things are finally offered out for public consumption in early October, including the hitherto little heard of 3D60 sound production process. ‘Which is what?’, we hear you ask.

Quite simply anything but a gimmick, if our recent online taster is anything to judge things by. With nothing more than a pair of standard iPod headphones you can experience this relatively revolutionary experience for yourself here.

For the lazier out there, we can only say that 3D60 offers what you hope; surround sound, with real depth and audible layers. Imagine sitting on a bus listening to bass and drums kicking from beneath, melodies carrying you from the sides while the hi-hats fall above your head and you’re pretty much there.  The future of personal music? Definitely maybe.