Royksopp reveal interest in dolls

Scandinavian electro-poppers Royksopp have revealed a short film, ‘Adventures in Barbieland’, to the You Tube, Vimeo and TwitVid public ahead of their forthcoming album.

The story centres on a household so eccentric half of London Fields would find the residents a bit much to handle. It’s pretty hard to describe, so we’ll let Svein from the acclaimed Norwegian outfit do the talking:

“We had a vision, and in this vision we saw ourselves as a sleeping hobo and an old man respectively. The following is a vivid depiction of some of the events that occurred during an intended stay in Barbieland. And remember, it’s a true story….”

The video is below so see what you think. The film is to be followed by the release of ‘Senior’ on September 13th, and contains tracks taken from the album. Expect dolls, and plenty of them, and as for the album, it’s entirely instrumental so prepare for opiate melodies and a review on these pages soon. For more information go to